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First Security Bank strongly believes that we can't truly serve a community unless we are a part of that community.

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Attention Customers

First Security Bank is now providing a Fraud Detection Service to better serve our customers. This program will monitor your normal bank activity and if it detects anything suspicious, you will be contacted by a fraud analyst. Your call will be received from the following number, 1-800-411-8498. The customer will not be asked for any account numbers or other personal information.

With the high volume of debit card fraud, we feel this service will help to detect unusual transactions on your account. This service is provided at no additional cost to our customers. Please make sure you have provided First Security Bank with a current phone number so that you may be reached if this activity does occur on your account.

Community Events

If you would like to have your event listed in this space, please email your event information to

Important message regarding debit cards

Due to a recent increase in fraud, we have California, Georgia, and Nebraskablocked so that only pin-based transactions will be approved. Your card cannot be used as a credit card while in those states.


Notice of change to MasterCard Rules for cardholder liability for unauthorized transfers.

MasterCard has changed its rule on zero cardholder liability for unauthorized transfers, effective October 17, 2014.


Heart Bleed Virus

First Security Bank takes every precaution to protect your information. We are aware of the Heartbleed vulnerability and have taken steps to verify we are secure.



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